The Airport Master Plan is updated every 10 years to ensure continued operational and service excellence in the management of the airport. Airport planning involves anticipating future air transportation conditions, needs and opportunities and thinking strategically about future directions and opportunities. Updates to the airport’s Master Plan are undertaken in accordance with our Ground Lease with Transport Canada.  The ground lease stipulates that the Airport Authority must update the Airport Master Plan and corresponding land use plan at least every ten years and must, in so doing, meet prescribed analytical requirements. The 2008 Airport Master Plan fulfills our Ground Lease obligation with Transport Canada.

The Airport Authority's first Master Plan and associated Land Use Plan was adopted in September 1998. That existing Airport Master Plan established a strategic approach to address operational issues and guide the development and evolution of the Airport until 2020. Key components included the construction of a new air terminal building, the provision of improvement works to aviation-related support systems, the reservation of site area for a third runway, and the preparation of a land use plan to guide growth and ensure compatibility of development with airport operations.

Since adoption of the 1998 Master Plan, the Airport Authority successfully planned and delivered a world-class passenger terminal building for the benefit of all airport users, stakeholders and communities within the defined service area. An expansion to this facility opened in early 2008 in testament to the Authority's strong commitment to quality customer service for airport patrons.

In 2003, the 1998 Approved Land Use Plan was amended to take into account changing influences on the airport. The amendments effectively refined portions of the environmental designation to introduce added development flexibility; made changes to accommodate and recognize expansion plans for the terminal building; and reconciled areas reserved for future runway capacity and operations.

Airport Land Area
The 2008 Airport Master Plan Update affects all of the Airport Authority’s demised premises including two isolated parcels south of Earl Armstrong Road. The corresponding 2008 Land Use Plan is available here.

2008 Airport Master Plan
The 2008 Airport Master Plan and revised Land Use Plan were approved by Transport Canada on May 25, 2009. To read more about the Airport Master Plan, consult the Executive Summary.

Public and Stakeholder Information
The consultation and communication strategy developed specifically for the 2008 update of the Airport Master Plan ensured strong involvement by the community and stakeholders throughout the Airport Master Planning process. A range of direct and indirect tools are used to this end including individual interviews with key stakeholders and discussion at project milestones.