Aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles

Our airport firefighters are specialized in aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF), are part of
the Ottawa Airport Emergency Response Service (ERS) team, and are specially trained
in dealing with extinguishing hydrocarbon fires.

The airport’s firefighting team is made up of over 20 specially-trained aviation firefighters
and three state-of-the-art Rosenbauer Panther 6x6 aircraft rescue and firefighting
vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with turrets capable of throwing 4 metric tons of foam
per minute onto an aircraft. One of the vehicles, the Stinger, is equipped with a boom
capable of piercing a fuselage and injecting foam into the cabin. 

Firehall tours are conducted by the on-duty crew, and can be accommodated virtually any day of the week, with advance notice. During the tour, firefighters will:

  • demonstrate their specialized firefighting equipment and technical skill
  • provide a tour of the firehall
  • do a crash truck demonstration
  • provide very important fire safety tips

​Tours are available to children six years of age and older. 

For more information or to book a tour, please call the Fire Chief at 613-248-2142.