Are you travelling with kids? Check out this page to help plan for your trip.


Test your knowledge of airports and airplanes

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Activity Book

Stop by one of our two Information desks (located on levels 1 and 3) to get a copy for free. 

Illustrator: Jennifer Nicol


Preparing children for a flight 

Check out this resource list, prepared in collaboration with the Ottawa Public Library, to explain to children, and help them understand, what happens at the airport and the basics of planes and flight.

Man reading book to kids and Ottawa Public Library logo
Illustrator: Slavka Kolesar


Baggage Handling Video

Kids are often curious about how their luggage gets from the check-in to the aircraft to its destination. This video shows behind the scenes footage of our baggage handling system. It features a stuffed bear, and how it's handled with care.


Firehall tours 

We offer tours of our firehall to families and groups



Featured Airplane – Hercules C-130E

The C-130E Hercules was produced from 1962-1974 by Lockheed Martin. Over forty models and variants of the ‘Herk’ C-130 series were produced. C-130E Hercules served the Royal Canadian Air Force in a variety of ways, from transporting troops to search and rescue to delivering humanitarian aid. It functioned equally as well in extreme cold and hot weather.

Here are some facts about the C-130E Hercules:

  • Wingspan: 40.41 m (132.6 ft)
  • Length: 29.79 m (97.7 ft)
  • Height: 11.73 m (38.5 ft)
  • Range: 7,222 km
  • Top speed: 556 km/h (345 mph)

Canada's longest-serving C-130E Hercules aircraft officially retired in April 2016 and is now part of the Canada Aviation and Space Museum's permanent collection.



Paper airplane

Download our paper airplane model, fold and fly it!