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The Airport Authority offers a Passenger Concierge Service to its clients. The service is provided by SAVM, a Canadian company operating at several major international airports, which endeavours to offer its clients a highly satisfying and stress-free travel experience by assisting them through every step of the airport process. Their services are available to domestic, international and transborder (U.S.) passengers, both arriving and departing.

The concierge service can:

  • Meet passengers (individuals or groups) at the curb and help them navigate the check-in process, from curb to cabin;
  • Meet passengers upon arrival and assist them with the disembarkation process and escort them through Canada Customs and Immigration*;
  • Arrange ground transportation to and from the airport;
  • Escort unaccompanied minors (subject to the air carrier’s procedures and policies); and
  • Offer services in English, French or other selected languages.

* SAVM is unable to expedite the passage through Canada Customs and Immigration, or provide assistance either in filling out forms or during the screening process (primary/secondary inspection).

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